Belgin Tekçe

Princeton University
Phone Number: 
+90 212 359 7317
Areas of Interest: 

Sociology of health and medicine

Science and knowledge production studies



Urban life and policies

Selected Publications: 

A. El-Zein, S. Jabbour, B. Tekçe, H. Zurayk, I. Nuwayhid, M. Khawaja, T. Tell, Y. Al Mooji, J. DeJong, N. Yassin, D. Hogan,  “Health and Ecological Sustainability in the Arab world: A Matter of Survival,”  The Lancet, 383 (9915), 448-476, 2014.  

B. Tekçe, “Paths of Marriage in Istanbul: Arranging Choices and Choice in Arrangements,"  Ethnography, 5 (2): 169-197, 2004.

B. Tekçe, L. Oldham, F. C. Shorter, A Place to Live: Families and Child Health in a Cairo Neighborhood, The American University in Cairo Press, 1994.

"Households, Resources and Child Health in a Self-help Settlement in Cairo, Egypt," Social Science and Medicine, 30 (8): 929-940, 1990.