Ceylan Engin

Texas A&M University
PSB 202
Phone Number: 
+90 212 359 6493
Areas of Interest: 


Fertility and Family

Gender and Sexuality

Health and antivaccination

Survey Research

Courses Taught: 

Soc 101 Introduction to Sociology; Soc 204 Research Methods; Soc 262 Population Studies; Soc 465 Selected Topics in Demography; Soc 462 Sociology of Gender.

Research Projects: 

Turkey Covid-19 Values Study (TCVS): The Principal Investigator of the project TCVS, Dr. Ceylan Engin conducts this survey-based research to investigate how Turkey’s demographic and social fabric have been changing over the time of the pandemic. More specifically, the project explores Turkish individuals’ value change in the major areas of fertility and family, gender, institutional trust and vaccination. In the long run, the research agenda of SDL includes establishing a cross-sectional database based on an optimally designed survey for Turkish context.

Selected Publications: 

Engin, Ceylan and Cristiano Vezzoni. 2020. “Who’s Skeptical of Vaccines? Prevalence and Determinants of Antivaccination Attitudes in Italy.” Population Review 59 (2):156-179.

Winston, Luhur and Ceylan Engin. 2020. Public Opinion of Transgender Rights in Turkey. The William Institute. Los Angeles, CA


Engin, Ceylan, Hazal Hürman, and Kimber Harvey. 2020. “Family Structures in Turkey: Trends  and  Attitudes.” In International Handbook on the Demography of Marriage and the Family. Edited  by D. Nicole Farris and Elizabeth Harmon Threatt. Cham, Switzerland: Springer Nature.

Engin, Ceylan, Heili Pals. 2018. “Patriarchal Attitudes in Turkey 1990–2011: The Influence of Religion    and Political Conservatism.” Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society 25(3):383-409.

Head of the Sociometry Division